Matt. 25:21 is our WOW!-Scripture spoken from our heavenly Dad's heart to His girls. Those who said “Yes, Jesus, I will follow you”, His set-apart, spirit-filled, crazy-in-love-girls, will stand in His presence and He will say: “That's My Girl”, well done, good and faithful servant”, and with adoration of our King and Saviour, Jesus Christ, whisper to Him, “You're my King.” What an awesome moment that's gonna be!


That's My Girl magazine wants to impact the lives of all girls and teach them how to get REAL with the Lord Jesus Christ.
God's vision is our vision: To prepare our lives on earth for everlasting life with Him, our Heavenly Bridegroom, where we’re gonna spend eternity.


Isaiah 61 is our mission: to bring hope to the brokenhearted, to unchain those who are in spiritual bondage and to inspire, teach, equip, support and share the Love of Jesus. Our mission is to bring the Truth of God's Word because Truth sets free and we want girls to break free from prisons of unworthlessness, bitterness, unforgiveness and the lies of the enemy.


That's My Girl magazine is committed to staying true to the Word of God and will not compromise with the viewpoints and opinions of the world. We acknowledge all denominations which are grounded in the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


That's My Girl magazine contains content that is not created by us. If content is claimed as yours, you will be credited, if you supply your name and source. However, it is not our intention to violate the law of copy right, but we do receive content from girls who get it from unknown sources. We apologise for any violation.


That's My Girl magazine is a non-profit magazine. Our main aim is to get it into the hands of all teenage girls, therefore we have NO COPY RIGHTS. You are welcome to download, print, photo copy any article and share it for free with others. IT MAY NOT BE SOLD for profit, without permission. For any requests contact us at:

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P.S i really love your mag, it really is a God driven journey, i hope that you guys will stay strong and keep on empowering young women to pursue heir dreams! i also really have a pretty cool testimony from reading your mag, which i will send to you soon.

- Annabelle

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