TMG Prayer

Lord, You are worthy of all our praises and we lift up your Name. Be exalted, Oh Lord, in the heavens and in the earth.

Thank you, Lord, that you are the only true God and that You are the God of second chances. Today, I commit my life to you and I ask you to have your way in my life. Lord you know every detail of my challenges and today I declare that I will trust You with the things I cannot change. Lord, help me to believe and endure what I must for the joy set before me of knowing You have defeated the enemy and I will spend eternity with You. Thank you that I know that we win and that because of what You have done on the Cross, the enemy is defeated.

Help me, Lord Jesus, to lay aside every burden in my heart and reject all temptations to be sidetracked from what You have called me to do. Keep my eyes focused on You Lord, so that I can stay on the right path and be faithful to You.

Holy Spirit, keep me in Your Truth and protect me from the lies of the enemy and when he tries to deceive me with attractive things of the world.

Use That's My Girl magazine to Your Glory and let us be faithful until You come to take us to be where You are.

In Jesus' Name I pray

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P.S i really love your mag, it really is a God driven journey, i hope that you guys will stay strong and keep on empowering young women to pursue heir dreams! i also really have a pretty cool testimony from reading your mag, which i will send to you soon.

- Annabelle

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