Share your Cotton Candy


This is something that I received from God a while ago in my quit time. Where I realized how deep our relationship was.

* I pray that God Bless you through this*

I know that I am Captivating, loved & romanced by the Almighty King of Kingsā€”Set free and daring to dance with Him, Anointed by the Spirit of Grace.
Ruach Elohim breathes over me and stands in Awe at my beauty. I am Gods Image bearer- I am the mystery of His heart.

My Heart is free! Captivating by the Beauty God imparted in my Unique soul, I will hereby dare to dream, dare to be venerable and dare to desire intimacy with my Maker,  Elohim. I will let the past go and dream of my queenly life spent with my King. I now choose to set my soul free and live to be a Queen.. I will wait on God for the right partner who will see the true Queenly heart in me and who has the courage to dive in and explore my Feminine heart, so captivating to God. I dream of an ever joyful life with the beauty of laughter and Uniqueness of creation, the Beauty of Jesus, the Beauty of life and it in abundance. Whenever pain arise and sorrow fill my eyes I will look into the eyes of the King He who leads this Dance, I shall not stumble but have everlasting life.

He will inspire me when my eyes fail to see His Trinity and the beauty of His Mystery.

- Annerie