Being Positive

As a young lady, being positive about our country is a hard thing. That is why I started Revoyouth - an organisation that focuses on influencing the youth to become more proudly South African. But like all things, God had a bigger plan. One Wednesday afternoon, after netball, my friend and I went for a walk on a hiking trail not far from our school.

A few metres into the trail, behind a bush, we saw a man. We walked on, without panicking. As we got closer the man stood still, but something bothered me about him and before my friend could pass, I told her to walk behind me. My gut feeling was right. I walked past and before I could properly greet, he grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I don't know how, but by some miracle I got up and ran away. He chased me for a while, but luckily I got away. Unfortunately my friend was not that lucky. While running, I was still imagining footsteps behind me, until I heard her scream: "Help me, please don't." 

My only thoughts were that she was being raped. I decided to forget the boulders and cactusses in my way, and ran. I ran to get help, and by some miracle I ran a 1km bushy, hiking trail with boulders and cactusses in about 30 seconds. A few minutes after I had found help, my friend came running towards me. She told that the man had taken her phone, came for me but then went back for her. He sat on her and felt if there were more things that he could steal. After hearing my screams, he told her to "shut up" and then ran away. When the police came, we had to show them where this happened. Walking this path again made us realise that it was physically impossible to sprint that distance in such a short time without getting badly hurt. But we did it. I realised that I didn't pray once while running, but still God was there. He lifted me so high, that not even a rock hurt my foot. His angels carried me, and I never even asked for it.

You see, that hiking trail isn't the place where I lost my trust in the Lord, it is the place where I gained it. He gave me a dream, to empower South Africans to be the best, despite hardships and trials. I can now stand before South Africans, telling them I was also a crime victim, but that this will not stop me from realising my dream and my potential. Psalm 91: 11 – 12.

- Thuane