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God is Healer this is truth!

Is 53:3 (Amp) But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities: the chastisement needful to obtain peace and well-being for us was upon Him, and with the stripes hat wounded Him we are healed and made whole.

On the morning of 7 March 2013 I was rushing to the bathroom whilst also being busy on my phone. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed that i was passing a young lady that was slowly limp/shuffle walking and as i was about 1.5m past her felt i should really just pray for her.

So i tracked back and asked her if something was wrong, she was quite suprised and confused, but answered yes, she's struggling with walking with her one foot. So i asked if i could pray and lay hands on her and she answers hes please, to my surprise!

So i bent down and started praying and then i heard footsteps coming closer and come to a halt just by us, so i just squeezed my eyes closer shut and conitnued praying. I'm not sure what exactly i prayed, but it was quite short and i finished with "healing in the Name of Jesus, amen" and then the "random" guy confirmed "yes amen" and walked off again. So i said it's been agreed upon in the Spirit.

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Being Positive

As a young lady, being positive about our country is a hard thing. That is why I started Revoyouth - an organisation that focuses on influencing the youth to become more proudly South African. But like all things, God had a bigger plan. One Wednesday afternoon, after netball, my friend and I went for a walk on a hiking trail not far from our school.

A few metres into the trail, behind a bush, we saw a man. We walked on, without panicking. As we got closer the man stood still, but something bothered me about him and before my friend could pass, I told her to walk behind me. My gut feeling was right. I walked past and before I could properly greet, he grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I don't know how, but by some miracle I got up and ran away. He chased me for a while, but luckily I got away. Unfortunately my friend was not that lucky. While running, I was still imagining footsteps behind me, until I heard her scream: "Help me, please don't." 

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How God showed up

I want to share with you how God showed up a while ago, when I least expected it.

I was at class and had my hands full of books, my car keys, my cell phone, my bottle of water and as I sat behind the wheel, trying to put down all my stuff on the passenger seat, with my door still open, I saw a man standing right in the open door. Before I could think, he reached over me to the passenger seat and grabbed my cell phone.
For a moment I was in shock while I saw him running away. The next moment, the strangest thing happened… He stopped right in his tracks, turned around and came to my window. He apologetically presented the phone with both hands, saying, “Sorry, here’s your phone.”

I took the phone from him and I could see the shame on his face. With a shaking voice I whispered, “I belong to Jesus and you shall not steal my things and you need Jesus.” Again he apologized and walked away.
I wondered for hours about the whole incident.  I can testify that Jesus is alive and with us always, wherever we are. My cell phone is just an earthly possession, but God cared enough to stop the man and bring it back to me. I wonder if the guy heard a voice from heaven or saw an angel that changed his mind.

This happened in day light and I just wanna say to the girls not to walk in the dark or in dangerous places, where you can be attacked. God can show up anywhere, but you still have the responsibility to be careful.

- Tandi

From Desperate Fake-Christian to Real Human Being

Life is Harsh

I didn't have one of those sudden, miraculous transformations you hear from the life stories of so many enthusiastic evangelists. Mine was a gradual process that spanned over almost a decade. I didn't quit smoking after "I gave my life to Christ" in early high school, I didn't stop courting attention from bad boys and I kept dabbling in drugs and drinking well beyond my teen years.

Like many of my peers, I had my reasons for indulging in this type of behavior: divorced parents, stormy family life, crippling self-esteem. You name it. I had it. Looking back, I can see I already lost the battle when I had my first failed suicide attempt. I told no one. A couple of weeks later an intervention from concerned friends followed about the bottles of alcohol I stashed in my room.  At the time I thought they were hypocrites looking for a scapegoat since we were all doing the same bad things together. It made me feel judged and angry. Deep down I knew something was wrong though, that my behavior wasn't the typical teen behavior. We all had our rebellious streaks, sure, but mine became increasingly flagrant. It was more reckless than experimental and I often ended up in compromising situations, hating myself afterwards for putting up with bad treatment from people in the first place.   

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