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Do you wanna make Jesus the Lord of your life?

You have read it all and you loved it ... and you'd love to know this Jesus.
You wanna give your life to him? GO FOR IT!

Admit that you have messed up and that sin rules your life.

Believe that Jesus is the only ONE who can save you from eternal hell, by His blood, you are saved, 'cause He died in your place.

Confess your sins (this is a hard one, but just do it!)

Pray this or something similar from the bottom of your heart:

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I come to You today to get my life right with You. I admit that i have sinned against You and that I need to be saved. Thank you, Jesus, that You died for my sins on the Cross. Jesus, please forgive everything that i have done wrong, wash me clean and come into my life today. Change me and make me new. Thank you that i belong to You now. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and show me the way.

The Bible says that angels are having a party over every soul who comes to Jesus. Wow, you just created a party in heaven!!

You can now also rejoice and be glad! Start to read your love letter (the Bible) from God. Your life has just  began: go for it passionately and start wth the gospels (Matthew, mark, Luke & John) you will get to know the heart of Jesus.

Get involved in a dynamic, Spirit-filled church, who has a vision to win souls for God's Kingdom. Get out of dead religion (the Sunday exercise) and get real with Jesus. Surround yourself with others who are on fire for God and get out if you're in th wrong crowd that lead you to a sinful lifestyle. It's gonna be tough, but push through, it's gonna be life-changing!

God will take you on an amazing journey to your destiny and all the exciting plans He has for you. His thoughts about you are gooood. He will never leave you, He loves you so much, He's watching your every move and waits with open arms to say "yes" to Him. This is the best day of your life!!!.